About this Section

This section will have rehearsal information and other news for members of the current TCC session.  Check back regularly during the session for updates.

If you have problems getting the recordings to play, try clicking on the title of the piece to bring up just that one song as a single page.  We’ve found that some browsers play the recordings better that way.

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We Are


all parts:


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Sisi Ni Moja


There are a couple of errors…I was getting tired. But where it’s supposed to be rhythmic is it correct. I will add bass notes near the end.






sop 1:

sop 2:

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Solstice Song

all parts:



sop 2:


sop 1:

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Parts for Ding-a-ding-a-ding!


Sop chorus II:

sop chorus I:

alto chorus II:

alto chorus I: 

tenor chorus I:

tenor chorus II:

bass chorus II:

bass chorus I:

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Just to get you started…

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Concert recordings

Here are the recordings from this Spring concert:

The Last Words of David

Omnia Sol


Niska Bania

Die Zufriedenheit

One Voice

The Impossible Dream

In Whatever Time We Have

1000 Beautiful Things

Prayer of the Children

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around

I Choose Love

Hold Me, Rock Me

Peze Kafe

We Shall Overcome

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Spring Concert Poster

For printing and sharing, here is our spring concert poster.

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