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Jazz Gloria





Hi Everyone,

Here is a close proximity…..I had to use an updated version of Garage Band and I’m still getting used to it. I tried to go back and fix an ending in the bass part but could not.

But if you listen, most of it is ok. There are lots of repeats, first and second endings and a D.S. See if you can figure out the road map. We’ll work it out on Monday, don’t worry!


I had a bunch of bugs to work out. Hope this all works.



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Chili Con Carne for the Small Ensemble


sop 2:

sop 1:



All Parts:

If the mouth percussion is too daunting for you, don’t worry about it for now. It will be okay if only some people do it I think.

Learn it well at this tempo. Especially go over the key changed and transitions. Sit at your piano (if you have one). Have fun.

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Song of the Lower Classes

doc – jan 30 2019 – 3-32 pm

All Parts:





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That Lonesome Road

Hi Everyone! Here are the parts for That Lonesome Road. Hope you are having fun tonight! See ya next week!

Keep checking this space this week for more uploading of parts…





All Parts:


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Concert December 2018

A Huge Thank you to Ben Haefner who recorded and played! And to all of you who sang, baked cookies, brought food, set-up, cleaned up, took photos, made programs, and managed crowds. It certainly is a team effort!

Unclouded Day:

The Road Home:

Children Go:

Wanting Memories:

Lunar Lullaby:

Stopping By Woods:

Stand By Me:


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Saturday morning 11/17 UPDATE

We’ve plowed our driveway, but there is limited space. Park along the road, car pool, come early. Maybe even have someone drop you off. Sorry! Mother Nature didn’t cooperate this time. See you around 9:30, folks. Don’t forget your music.


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Be The One

This Saturday, November 17, we will gather at 9:30 to rehearse and record Be The One at Sunwood Studio, 8255 Rte 227, Tburg.

Park in the field, bring your sheet music. Come and sing!


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