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Concert Spring 2019

Sunrise song:

Voice on the Wind:

Song of the Lower Classes:

I Dream A World:

A Father’s Pride a Mother’s Tears:

Man in the Mirror:

Will The Circle be Unbroken:

Our House:

Chili Con Carne:

That Lonesome Road:

Famine Song:

Rain Come Down:

Don’t Bend Down:

We’ll Meet Again:

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Chili Con Carne for the Small Ensemble


sop 2:

sop 1:



All Parts:

If the mouth percussion is too daunting for you, don’t worry about it for now. It will be okay if only some people do it I think.

Learn it well at this tempo. Especially go over the key changed and transitions. Sit at your piano (if you have one). Have fun.

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Don’t Bend Down


Sop 2:

Sop 1:


Alto 2:

Alto 1:



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Concert recordings from 12/18


Be The One:

Children Go:

Wanting Memories:

Hit Me With A Hot Note:

I Will Arise and Go:

Il est bel et bon:

Lunar Lullaby:

Stand By Me:

Stopping By Woods:

The Road Home:

Unclouded Day:

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We’ll Meet Again







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Famine Song

solo 2:

solo 1:

tenor 2:

tenor 1:

sop 2:

sop 1:



alto 1:

alto 2:

All Parts:

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I Dream A World

I had some trouble lining up the parts, especially around the fermata (hold) on page 10.  Take your rhythm with a grain of salt there.

I also have difficulty changing tempos when recording so it’s all one tempo which it won’t be when we perform it. Listen to the recording, you’ll see what I mean. Please mark the dynamics in this one, and circle the tempo markings.

Thanks. We’ll go over all of this in rehearsal, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what a tempo marking is.

I also played the women’s parts at the beginning so the men can listen and follow along. Men, you don’t sing at the beginning, hopefully you’ll know when it’s your part.

Also please note the changing meter!







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